Mounting traffic signs Rijkswaterstaat – National

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, signage boards have been built on sustainable foundations from Weenk at various project locations throughout the Netherlands in recent years.

By choosing a reusable foundation, placing or moving the foundation and therefore also the signage is easy.


Because no concrete is used, the impact on the environment during installation is also considerably lower.
A few advantages at a glance:

  • No excavation required – Installation can already take place in a small (drilled) opening in the paving
  • No waiting time – Immediately after installation, the foundation is loadable.
  • Easy to replace – At various locations we have already replaced the signage including foundations several times after collisions.
  • Electric – The most common boards can be founded with electrical machines.
  • Completely reusable – The foundation is not only recyclable but also simply reusable. That is really sustainable.

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