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Learn more about our Wing Screw Foundation units

WIF specialises in the installation of Wing Screw Foundation units. This is our own internationally patented product that can be quickly assembled and disassembled and is designed to absorb large horizontal forces.


Our WSF units are available in different shapes and sizes, thus offering a suitable foundation solution for most applications. Prior to installation, the appropriate dimensions for the envisaged soil type and application are established using our bespoke geotechnical model.


For this innovative Wing Screw Foundation product, we also provide the in-house developed and produced requisite installation tools which can be mounted on most standard plant machinery.


"The load capacity is fully available right after installing the foundation.”


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WIF: Market leader since 2008

Our many years of experience and innovation has resulted in, progressive foundation technology, ensuring that every project is rock solid. Clients and companies involved in railway infrastructure projects are therefore increasingly turning to WIF. The Wing Screw Foundation technique is extremely suitable for railway applications. Our Wing Screw Foundation units are available in different shapes and sizes, thus offering a suitable foundation solution for most applications. If required we also offer tailor-made engineering and assembly solutions.

WIF: Market leader since 2008
We have been the go-to address for the most sustainable and high-quality foundation solutions for over 15 years. Take a look at our journey here: from inventor to market leader.


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Weenk Infra Foundations is happy to assist you! Please contact us with your query on our modular Wing Screw Foundation system.

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Advantages of our
Wing Screw Foundation

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  • Reduced installation cost

    One WSF unit is installed within 15 minutes and fully loadable immediately after installation.

  • Reduced transportation cost

    One trailer truck can hold up to 32 WSF units compared to 6 concrete foundations.

  • No weather dependency

    Our WSF units can be installed in all seasons.

  • More sustainable

    Our WSF units are made of quality materials resulting in a maintenance free and extremely long service life up to 80 years. Our WSF units are fully re-usable and recyclable.

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