Project HKVs in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat.

Project HKVs in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat.

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, Weenk Infra Foundations has installed screw foundations with HKVs at the Gerrit Krol Bridge in Groningen. Ramps will then be attached to this. Due to the soft ground, screws had to be installed as deep as 13 meters. Our HKVs have been placed for horizontal support.

Our patented horizontal force amplifier

Rijkswaterstaat has recently started laying the first foundation piles in Groningen, at the Gerrit Krol Bridge. We have been asked to lay the foundation for that. 20,000 cyclists pass here every day, which causes some congestion. It is the first project we are realizing for Rijkswaterstaat. RWS looked at various foundation options and ultimately the screw foundation emerged as the best.

It is of course a boost for us to see that our system can also be used for these types of projects. Due to the soft soil here, we have to build a foundation all the way through all the soft layers to a depth of 13 meters. And because the top layers are so soft, we also need facilities for horizontal stability. We do this by means of a HKV, which is a horizontal force amplifier. This sits around the tube of the screw and provides horizontal stability. And the screw absorbs the compressive load in the solid ground. A total of 91 foundations of 12 to 13 meters.


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