Pedestrian bridge – Baarn

A unique project was completed in 2015 in collaboration with Jan Kuipers – Nunspeet and Van der Worp (Volkerrail).

The best possible solution to eliminate both transitions at once would be to install 1 centrally located pedestrian bridge. However, the location in the forest plots posed a problem for this. It would not be possible to use large equipment, and the bridge sections had to be supplied by rail.

Collaboration with construction agency

In order to have as little impact as possible on the existing nature, it was decided, in close consultation with construction agency ABT in Velp, to opt for medium-sized screw foundations. These were installed with a 5-tonne crawler crane, which in 2023 could therefore also be an electric crane.

By connecting the screw foundations by means of steel traverse beams, both the axial pressure load and the dynamic horizontal load can be absorbed. After realization of the foundations that can bear loads immediately after installation, the pedestrian bridge is placed. This was delivered in parts by rail and was built on location.


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